Signs you need a new car

Authored on on 06-07-2021 by Lu Etchells

Buying a new car is usually motivated by need or desire.  If you’ve reached a point where you simply want a new car, then your decision to buy is going to be largely affected by how much you can get for your current car, and whether the car you’re seeking is available.

However, need can be a little trickier.  Buying a new car can be expensive, and it’s often an outlay people don’t want to make if they can possibly avoid it.  The problem is, there are situations where putting the decision to part ex your current vehicle might end up costing your more money in the long run.

Here are our top signs to look out for that show you definitely need to buy a new car now:

#1 Your car keeps breaking down

The older your vehicle is, the more chance it’s going to breakdown on you once in a while.  Whilst that’s undoubtedly frustrating, the occasionally issue is not that big of a deal.  However, if it’s happening every couple of months, and you’re finding yourself replacing large parts such as exhaust or radiator, it’s time to consider cutting your losses.

A one-off repair will no doubt be cheaper than the expense of a new car; but consider how often that car might break down over the course of the next six months. If your vehicle is becoming a money pit, then it makes far more sense to put that money in to a new ride rather than fixing something that’s never going to be 100% right again.

#2 It keeps failing its MOT

In order for a car to be road-legal, it needs to pass its MOT.  If it’s struggling to do that, you’re likely to be throwing away good money just to tow it over the line.  It’s only going to get worse as they years go by, and its value will decrease too.

#3 Your insurance keeps going up

This is a tough one as, let’s face it, premiums rarely go down year on year. However, if you find your insurance increases more than you’d expect, it could be because you have an older car.

Sometimes an older can be advantageous, after all, they tend to have a lower market value than new cars; however, they also have fewer safety features thus making them riskier from an insurer’s perspective.  It doesn’t matter if you have a blemish free driving record or not – an older car can cost you more.

#4 Lifestyle changes

We all change over time, and often as a result, our transport needs change too.  When you’re young and single with a significant disposable income, that two-seater sports car was the only option.  Five years, a marriage and two kids later it’s time to trade-in and get a sensible family car with boot space and easy to clean upholstery. 

If you recognise the signs, why not turn your current car in to cash?  Enter your Reg details here for an instant valuation and we will do the rest.

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