Top Tips for a Stress-Free Staycation

Authored on on 30-07-2021 by Lu Etchells

With international travel still looking difficult, at best, many have decided to shun the sun-kissed beaches of the Mediterranean for something a little closer to home.  Admittedly, a staycation is the holiday of choice for many, but for those who enjoy everything an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean has to offer, it can feel like a bit of a culture shock.

Once you’ve chosen your staycation travel destination, booked everything and remembered to cancel the milk the next thing you need to do is pack.  Now, very few people get a thrill of excitement when it comes to preparing for their trip, and a staycation is absolutely no different.  However, you know what they say about proper preparation preventing poor performance – don’t let a lack of forethought ruin what should be a brilliant trip away.

Here are our top tips on making sure you have everything taken care of before you leave your driveway.

#1 Check your car

Whilst your car is always important, it’s even more so when it comes to a staycation.  If something goes wrong with your vehicle, it’s a sure fire way to ruin all your well made plans.  TO help minimise the chance of something going wrong, take the time to give your car a once-over before you pack up.

Check simple things such as the wiper blades, tyre pressure, oil level and battery. 

#2 Prepare for an emergency

Of course, no one goes on a road trip anticipating a problem, but that’s precisely why you should make sure you can handle on if it occurs.  Punctures, breakdowns and minor accidents are commonplace along the roads of the UK, but they are easy to deal if you have everything you need.

Before setting off, make sure you have all your breakdown cover details in the car.  If you don’t already have breakdown cover, now might be a good time to investigate signing up.  Equally, check your spare tyre and the rest of your breakdown kit. As a bare minimum you should have a tow-rope, warning triangle, hi-vis tabard and a torch.

#3 Save space

If you’re travelling with family or friends then space is likely to be of a premium inside the vehicle.  Consider how you’re going to pack everything you need – from clothes and sleeping equipment, to bikes and potentially food.

Even larger estates can only fit in so much, so why not consider purchasing bike racks or a roof box to help maximise the space inside your car?  There are lots of options when it comes to bike racks, from those that sit on the roof (be mindful of your new headspace) to those which are mounted above the tow bar.

#4 In-car essentials

It’s also important to make sure you have everything you need for a safe and hassle free journey inside the car.  If you’re travelling with your four-legged best friend, buy a dog harness which will help keep them safe whilst you travel.

Pack some extra blankets for keeping warm if you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam (it might be summer, but you’re still in Britain and goodness knows what the weather will do!) and make sure you have plenty of entertain options for children!

And don’t forget the SatNav!

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