What Are The Best Driving Tunes?

Authored on on 15-07-2021 by Lu Etchells

Whether you’re driving down Route 66 (or imagine you are), stuck in traffic on the M25 or navigating your way to the local supermarket, driving is always better with music.  Unless, of course, the music is picked by your teeny-bopper daughter, and you’re constantly being serenaded by Justin Bieber; in which case the sound of your arm caught in a meat grinder would probably be preferable.

Here at iCashCars we have debated which songs belong on the ultimate driving list and it’s fair to say we have some differences of opinion.  Apparently some of our team members have some quite eclectic tastes!  However, we pulled together our top 10 tunes, perfect for any drive.

500 Miles by The Proclaimers

Perhaps a somewhat obvious, and therefore inevitable choice, but we had to go with it.  Whilst this is no award winning, life changing tune – it is a classic, with a great beat, that everyone knows.  If that doesn’t make it a perfect tune to have on a road trip, we’re not sure what does.

Great if you’re travelling with friends or the family and everyone needs a little pick-me-up.

Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys

An absolutely perfect tune to life the spirits, especially if you’re crawling along in the rain.  This tune will automatically make you think of beaches and sunshine.  Arguably these guys are the king of light hearted listening.

American Pie by Don McLean

As well as being a epic anthem, and generally a genius of a tune, this song has an added psychological bonus.  Given its length and the fact everyone somehow knows all the words, you can easily tear up nearly 10 minutes of a journey singing along. 

Admit it, you’re already singing the chorus in your head, aren’t you?

Bye bye Miss American Pie …

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Let’s be honest, we could have picked pretty much any song by Queen.  In fact, this entire list could have been made up of Queen songs, but that would have been too easy.  If you’re looking for a good song to drive and sing along to then this is definitely it.  Or Somebody To Love.  Or We Will Rock You.  Or …

Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams

Another classic tune that never fails to raise the spirits and get everyone singing along.  It doesn’t matter if you’re not perfectly in tune – just lower those windows and raise those voices!

I’ll Be There For You by The Rembrandts

Admittedly, if you were never a fan of Friends, this song may well be a trigger for you, in which case, we apologise wholeheartedly.  With the recent resurgence of this popular TV show, the youth of today (OK, when did we get to sounding so old?) continue to debate whether they were on a break or not, and this song is back on the airwaves.  Another great one you can’t help but clap along to (admit it, you know you do it too).

This is by no means a comprehensive list, and there are so many songs we could have included but we’d have been here all day.  We’d love to hear what YOUR favourite tunes are to drive to – head on over to our Facebook page and get involved in the chat.


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