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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book my vehicle inspection ?

Easy! Once you have been given your initial quotation one of our agents will contact you to arrange a suitable time for your car to be inspected. This can often be organised as quickly as the same day if necessary.

What do I need to sell my car ?

  1. You must have the V5 Logbook registered in your name. If it was bought in a maiden name then you must have a copy of the marriage certificate.
  2. We will need either your driving licence or passport as identification and a proof of address valid in the last 6 months.
  3. Service history and MOT if available.
  4. Both sets of car keys.
  5. Bank details. So we can make the transfer.
  6. Finance settlement letter. If the car was bought on finance we need to see the letter from the finance company showing that they no longer have an interest in the car.
  7. Any extras that we will need. Such as the locking wheel nut, security codes for radio/sat nav.

What do I do if I have outstanding finance on my car ?

No Problem! If you have outstanding finance on your car we can arrange for this to be cleared and still pay you the extra into your bank account. If you owe more than the amount our car buyers have agreed to pay for your car then you can pay us the shortfall.

How long will the inspection take ?

Normally the inspection takes about 20 minutes depending on the condition of the car.

How do I receive my money ?

We can either pay you in cash or by bank transfer.

What if the address on my V5 doesn’t match the address on the rest of my paperwork ?

Don’t worry! We understand things like this can happen. So long as you have the photographic ID and proof of address dated in the last 3 months this isn’t a problem.

Will you buy ‘Cat D’ vehicles ?

Yes! We will still buy these cars however you will get a reduced price from the online quotation as our system cannot currently distinguish these cars and so will value your car as its status of having not being involved in an accident.

I cannot find my car on your website ?

Don’t fret! If this is the case please give us a call and speak to one of our advisors. We can then manually enter details to get you a valuation.

What does ‘Subject to inspection’ mean ?

Because our valuations are given blind we base it on a number of assumptions we make about your vehicle. Once our car buying expert has fully inspected your car he will give you your final valuation. Note: We will never offer more than the online valuation but there is a possibility that we could offer less.

Is there a contract? ?

No. You only pay for a lead you wish to purchase.


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