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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we price our cars? ?

We use glass guide to price the cars so they are priced at C.A.P. (Current Auction Price). We have inhouse algorithms with a multitude of variables to ensure that our prices stay both fair for the customer but so they are also priced at profit.

What happens if I buy a lead and the car is already sold? ?

All our leads are guaranteed which means if for any reason you are unable to make an offer for the car, or it is greatly different to what has been advertised then you will be either be given a replacement lead free of charge or, if you wish, given a full refund.

Do we buy any cars ourselves? ?

Yes! That’s how we know our model works. The reason for creating the trader side of the business was because we get so many leads we can’t physically buy all the cars that come into the site. We also realised that other traders would appreciate another method of buying stock because we know that is the most difficult part of the job.

Who can sign up? ?

We consider all registered traders, no matter of size but before anyone is given access to the site they must be verified by an account manager.

Do I have to pay the onscreen price? ?

No! The onscreen price is the MAXIMUM you will ever pay. If the car isn’t as described in the information they have provided then you are more than welcome to bid accordingly.

Is there a subscription fee? ?

No. Registration and the download of the app is completely free. You only pay if you want to buy a lead of a vehicle you see on our app.

How many traders can buy a lead? ?

Only one. Once you have bought that lead it’s yours and it will be removed off the dealer board.

Is there a contract? ?

No. You only pay for a lead you wish to purchase.

Do you inspect the vehicles before putting them on the app? ?

No. It would be impossible for us to inspect every vehicle but we try to give as much information about the vehicle as possible and include photos, history and the ability to purchase a hpi report from inside the app.

Do we HPI the cars? ?

No. But you have the ability to do so from within the app for a small fee.

Where do we get our cars from? ?

The cars come in through our website ( We have a large budget each month to ensure we get the best quality leads from the web.


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